Why e-DigiCare school managementERP System?

e-DigiCare School ERP System is a robust, cloud-based, time-tested educational ERP system with advanced modules that enable teachers and educators to digitize educational institutions' regular work processes...

Smart Features Of e-DigiCare  Mobile App

  • School Information
  • Online Fee payment
  • Student Profile
  • Student Fee Details
  • Bus Location Tracking
  • CCE Application
  • Online Marks feeding
  • Exam Report & Extra Activities
  • Notifications
  • Instant Attendance Report
  • Homework Notifications
  • add-ons for School Admin
  • Parents, Teachers & Students

Benefits of Using e-DigiCare Student Management System

DIgiCare ERP for all Educational Institution in’ with 100% Implementation.

all-in-one dashboard on cloud

Direct and indirect cost savings

Never delete anything again

Security & Data Privacy

Latest Web Technologies

Mobile Applications

Zero maintenance Fee

Flexible Pricing

Free 15 Days Trial

Customization ready

Use in any school or college

Mobile Applications

Online Admission

Online payments

Dedicated Server Hosting

Connect with e-DIgiCare Team and share your some information of Institution.
Data migration Your existing data will now be seamlessly migration into e-DigiCare ERP in an organized and efficient manner
Start Using e-DIgiCare Enter is now all setup and prepared to go. It’s that simple.

Our Client

e-DigiCare has been working closely with educational institutions for the past several, understanding their needs and requirements and fulfilling them.